Update 10/9/13

Last meeting we discussed progress in each system design. A major highlight was an announcement Rachel made that NI is willing to donate to us at least one myRIO (potentially more) to replace DoloRAS’s PSoC. See the meeting notes here, courtesy of Kevin Gilbert. This coming Sunday (10/13/13) we will continue to talk about system designs. I think our goal should be to have a rough spec of each system (software, microcontroller/embedded, power, and mechanical) within the next couple of weeks.

In other news, Frank, Sagar, and I put together a draft of a document entitled “Not-so-fond Reflections on IGVC 2013” which lists several problems we had with our entry in IGVC this past year.

Excerpt from section 2.b:

Another issue with the sonars was the way they were arranged. By doing math, we figured that spreading 12 sonars that each have 15 degree field of view over a half circle would give us full 180 degree coverage. However, this was not the case due to the way we arranged the sonars around the half circle…

I expect these problems to motivate our entry this coming year. If you have any questions or if there’s a section on the document that isn’t clear, feel free to add a Google doc comment.

Side note: the reflections were written assuming the audience has a bit of knowledge about our entry, which can be got from our 2013 design doc.


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