Monthly Archives: June 2013

Meeting 6/16/13

In addition to being the first meeting of the coming year, this was also our IGVC 2013 postmortem meeting. We discussed what we did right in the past year, how we did at the competition, what we did wrong, and how to do better. Frank, Sagar, and I collected our thoughts on the matter in a Google doc. (We also filmed all of our runs and uploaded them to the UT RAS youtube channel.) For more details on what we did last year, see last year’s blog.

We can start working on a few things now, such as getting a new wheelchair base (the gearbox on our current one will likely stop working soon and is too expensive to replace), replacing the PSoC with a microcontroller that has USB driver support (which requires rewriting the implementation of our Computer-microcontroller communication protocol), starting to get money for expensive equipment, and getting V-REP integrated with ROS. Sagar and I are also working on documenting the code from this past year in the wiki connected to our GitHub repository.

Sagar and Frank will both be gone in the Spring 2014 semester, so the question remains of who will be on the IGVC team besides myself. Rachel, Yves, and Joshua Bryant attended this meeting and expressed interest in helping out in the coming year. Rachel is interested in taking on embedded stuff, Josh will probably continue to work on mechanical things, and Yves seems interested in helping with software.